CNCWork foam cutting machines - design and manufacure



2 D applications: simple shapes manufactured with tensioned hot wire moved parallelly

Cutting of graphic shapes, letters or architectural moldings.




2 x 2 D applications. More complicated shapes: different drawings or sizes on the different ends.

 Airplane wings with different airfoils on the two ends

Columns, architectural and other profiles.

The independent 2x 2D actuation makes achievable
- twisted shapes,
- perspectives,
- special geometric profiles
- etc


Using the CNCWork® Foam-lathe

The Foam-lathe makes possible to manufacture those architectural profiles which were carried out with parget technology till now.


CNCWork® rotary table

The Rotary table is used for shaping those formations which are unjoinable to the lathe, they can can be worked out supported only. The biggest processing diameter is 800 mm.

Cutting of Profile-arches

The esssence of the profil-arche cutting is the combination of 2x2D computer controlled motion with shaped rigid hot wire.

With the profile-arch cutting adapter we can accomplish easily special tasks especially non-round shaped arches; you can cut elliptic or wave shaped arches for example.

This method is extreamly useful when you want to realize special architecture elements or decorations.


Mass cutting. The construction of our foam cutting machines make possible the high productivity working with a lot of foam plates parallelly.



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