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CNCWork Foam-lathe / rotary table combination


The Foam-lathe works like a classic lathe the only difference the applied tool is a hot wire not a chisel.

The Foam-lathe makes possible to manufacture those architectural profiles which were carried out with parget technology till now.


The Foam-lathe works with CNCWork® foam cutting machine and the control software. It is easy to use you do not need any special knowledge.

Manufacturing a column with cannelures and a Doric capital.

Manufacturing a Baroque screwed column with shaped hot wire.

Manufacturing an other column

 Foam-lathe in action

 Screw out the column

 Column and the rest

The size of the foam could be between minimum 38 mm and maximum 800 mm diameter. Between this parameters the Foam-lathe / rotary table can work properly. The tractable length of the foam is 1200 mm.


CNCWork rotary table

Removing the lathe machine from the stand we use it like rotary table. The Rotary table is used for shaping those formations which are unjoinable to the lathe, they can can be worked out supported only.



The wire applied to Foam-lathe / rotary table is enough rigid to hold the developed shape and could done it with hand. The size have to be between 200 and 800 mm.






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