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The CNC computer aided design and manufacturing is the most simplest and elegant way to form and cut a wide range of different foam shapes such as single letters or texts, graphical objects, airplain wings or architectural ornaments.

Our CNCWork foam cutting machines satisfy all the criteria - you can create all the shapes easily what you dream.

The CNCWork foam cutting machines process all the standard foams - EPS, EPP, XPS, Austrotherm, Styrodur, Styrofoam, etc.

The design of CNCWork foam cutting machine and the applied software make easy to design and manufacture perspective shapes or any other formations what have two different shapes on the two ends (for example rotated column, etc.).

The CNCWork foam cutting machine and applied software are easy to use, after a short time of practice anybody could be a master of foam cutting.

Our machines and accessory equipments are the following:

CNCWork basic foam cutting machine

Examples: our machines in factories / workshops

Our accessory equipments are sophisticated solutions designed to solve special tasks:

CNCWork Foam-lathe / rotary table combination

Profile-arche cutter adapter


The crucial accessory of CNCWork® foam cuttiong machine is an automatic wire tensioner device. This special tool compensates the heat expansion of the hot wire and holds the desired force in the same way. The other function is to feed more wire when is needed (e.g. perspective cut).

We design and manufacture customised mashines for unique requirements.


Gallery: CNCWork foam cutting examples


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